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Exhaustion and Concentration

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On a day to day level I am frustrated with these two things: feeling like I'm tired all the time and sometimes needing two naps a day in addition to a full night's sleep, and a really short attention span.

Has anyone found anything that works to deal with either of these?
That sounds like the depression it can go both ways...no sleep at all or way too much.
Go to bed the same time....excercise, meds, writing and processing...and I write everything down and people I know expect to have to remind me things. Your brain is in overdrive sometimes when you just can sleep( like your body is saying, enough)....I would love that amt of time for me.....no sleep equals not a lot of logic.
Auburngirl, I know what you mean... my sleep patterns get really messed up sometimes and it can take all I have to focus on my reading for more than 15 minutes. It makes studying for exams really hard!

What helps for me is like what pandora said: going to bed at the same time, writing, etc. Sometimes when I feel like taking a nap I'll find something to do instead like taking a walk or trying out a new recipe. Sometimes things like that will wake me back up.
Pandora is right it can go either way. No sleep or sleeping to excess. Keep your bedroom cozy, soothing, calm and only for sleep(and sex) No TV or reading in bed.

Have warm covers, turn the heat down low to keep the room cool. Try a warm bath before bed to relax. No coffee, soda, caffeine, or alcohol before bed. Warm milk (yuck) or a banana is actually good, as it kicks in a chemical we need to sleep. Have a schedule for sleep. Exercise daily in the AM or early afternoon.
Sleep can be managed but for me is always a challenge. Medications can help if it is a long term disturbance. But what everyone suggested is right on target. Feeling exhausted all the time is both from your emotional work and maybe over sleeping.

The focus issue, as things settle down emotionally your focus usually returns. When I get that way I try to adjust myself to accepting it is what it is and working around it rather than get angry with myself. Build in the frequent breaks, plan them as productive breaks. See if changing the activity method will keep your focus on the objective. OK, gobletigook - If you are studying for an exam by reading notes or outlining a book as your focus shifts change into making flashcards of the material. Changed activity continued focus on studying but because it is different it may keep you on task a little longer.

Shift your plan of attack frequently and it may help to keep on track.

Break your jobs into several tasks to shift from -

Doing Bills

Sort the Bills
Total the Bills
Balance the Check Book
Address the Bills
Make out the Checks
Look at the Budget

Yes, I have these problems. Currently, I'm taking one 3 hour nap during the day. But, I don't get a full night sleep. My concentration is crap right now - I'm either zipping around being totally ADD or I'll drift off into never never land and zone out. Either way, I can't concentrate.
I am actually getting a full night's sleep, and don't have trouble falling asleep. But I'm still continually tired and my concentration is terrible. I do get regular exercise, don't drink, etc. but could do better with food (I sometimes forget to eat).

It's starting to really stress me out because I'm not getting enough done, and my work is quite solitary and dependent on my own willpower.
Cindy- I did realise something quite disturbing this week, I wonder if that's what's completely tired me out.
I often don't realize how draining keeping my mask on takes. Or I don't realize how my thoughts are consuming my energy to process them to their nooks and crannies so I can focus. Sometimes I feel like I am continually shuffling a deck of cards that doesn't end.
...Well, I was typing along, almost finished getting my thoughts down in response to Auburngirl's question, when my right hand clunked against some keys, and poof, an MSN tech-homepage took over my screen. "What the f***!" --> I got really steamed for a minute! Then thought, "What the hell...start again..."

First rule: do not go to bed if you are even remotely pissed off!

If you're feeling scared or sad...bed can be the best place to be. But anger...makes you simmer and stew; boils you alive.

Um...have something soft, squishy, and a little plump (but with a lot of "give") in bed with you...a teddy bear ... pillow ... old, beloved balled-up nightgown ... preferably something that you can drool on, sob into, honk and sniffle and dream all over :wink:. Hold on; yum yum.

If desired, cuddle up with a cat, a dog, or another human :Hug_emoticon:

The right nightlight can make your room seem candlelit...

Hot milk with a teaspoon of honey and a few drops of vanilla...teddy for the tummy (as contrated with a "hot toddy," which can also be helpful if taken in moderation :wink:)

If you nap...don't do it for over an hour. (I'm a blob for the rest of the day if I do this!)

Make your bedroom a safe, sacred space.

Bathing...with pure oils, etc. -- by candlelight -- with certain music soothing you -- does it for me (almost) every time.

Speaking of music: Check out anything by Liquid Mind/Chuck Wild. It'll make you melt :smile:

Fresh air...

As for concentration...mine always sharpens after I've moved. Walking ... stretching ... yoga ... dancing ...whatever. Never fails...as long as I, ahem, do it long enough...

Speaking of which, I need to go now...my right foot is asleep...:rofl:
Love your ideas Roo - beautiful thread! :-) I will continue on in this vein...

Hot milk and honey is the best!!!

Lavender oil; a few drops on your actual pillow, and then put the case back on (not too much though as it can act as a stimulator too).

Arometherapy, time for bed premix; mandarin, sweet marjoram and ylang ylang: sprinkle all over your bottom bed sheet.

Bath before bed is too good. Slip into fresh sheets and feel yourself drift away.

Relaxation in bed, soft music drift off somewhere special. Use key words that make you feel safe and relaxed. For example, mine is 'peace', and I imagine it floating out of my mouth on my outward breath. I imagine it surrounded in a yellow/orange floaty bubble.

Keep a notepad next to bed and write yourself special notes before you go to sleep - beautiful dreams, restfull sleep etc etc

Only use your bedroom for relaxation and positive thoughts - no working etc.

Make your bedroom your sanctury - I have 6ft twig angel lights. I also have an angel crystal ball that reflects the light beautifully, like little twinkly stars in my room. I treated myself to new bedroom furniture. I have the best looking and comy bed, IMHO lol!!! My furniture is all pure white as I find this a tranquil bedroom colour and one that I can add other colours too to creat the right environement. Lots of different textures balnkets, throws and pillows, sensory indulgence. I am a poor student so you do not need to be wealthy to achieve this.

Try to think of bedtime as your special time!

Spirit x
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