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Exhaustion and Concentration

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ONE addition to the bath with music, candles, aromatherapy, I add a small glass of wine in a "PLASTIC" glass.

I put my nightgown in the dryer before getting in the tub so it is nice and cozy warm when I put it on. I put on my CD - Cristifori's Dream - David Lanz (Narada Collection) in my bedroom and drift off thinking of the beach, ocean, waves crashing, and the warmth of the Sun. While hugging a pillow.

My bed is my safe zone. If i get to bad with anxiety shakes etc. Or im getting overloaded. I get into bed and pull the covers over. I normally move around alot and my mind racing but slowly i calm and go to sleep.
Normally I wake up in a better head space , sometimes not.
I think sometimes sleeping saves me from losing it completly.
ONE addition to the bath with music, candles, aromatherapy, I add a small glass of wine in a "PLASTIC" glass.

I put my nightgown in the dryer before getting in the tub so it is nice and cozy warm when I put it on...OOOOHHHH AAAAHHHHHH.

I second that, Cindy! :thumbs-up

Good thinking re: the plastic wine glass. I tend to be a tea-granny, so I have a cuppa with me...and three cats, one of whom just can't stay away from the tub when I'm in it. We have had a few, ah, mishaps... :rofl:
Since I witnessed a trauma in the evening late last year, and I've been severely traumatized in my sleep, I haven't been able to fall asleep until the sun rises. Lately I've been getting a good stretch of deep sleep but it makes me feel strange and seems impractical for me to do my sleeping in the daytime. I've tried eliminating caffeine and using a light box and that hasn't help me a bit.
Hey everybody, this is my first post. :)

I get better sleep when I exercise, this also helps put my mind at ease (it is usually in overdrive). I was reminded of this when I recently sprained my ankle and wasn't getting much exercise. I'm back to it this week and sleep has improved dramatically. Perhaps that might help.

Caffeine can have an effect on me making me need a nap. Even one cup of coffee in the morning. I have recently switched to tea in the morning to avoid the need for a nap mid-afternoon. The above suggestion of not taking too long of a nap resonates with me as well, I like 20 minute power naps if I need to function afterward.
For me, the lack of concentration is the first sign that either (if it's early in the day) that my symptoms are going to go up or (if it's late in the day) that my exhaustion level is going up.

I was told a long time ago by my therapist...and it makes sense to me...that dealing with the symptoms of PTSD all day is exhausting. Mentally and physically it's just an energy drainer. Mentally trying to keep your focus during the day and keep the bad thoughts at bay is draining. Our muscles that keep tightening up due to anxiety and stress is a energy zapper, too. We burn a lot of energy without even realizing it.

I was told that it gets better as we get better and it does. But we don't get to get back to those levels of energy we used to have. PTSD makes your 'snap-back' not what it used to be. It becomes another thing to add to the list of changes in your life.

Hi AubernGirl,

I wonder how prevalent insomnia is among PTSD sufferers. Mine stems from being hypervigilant as a child - so a L - O - N - G time suffering through the seemingly impossible and frustrating "midnight hours".

Rx might work for a day or two but then am a zombie suffering from insomnia. I've found, as have some of our other cohorts, that nighttime practices greatly increases the chances of a deep and restful slumber. To add to their list, no TV passed 7PM - that's right and never TV in your bedroom. Treat your bedroom like a sactuary of sleep; to be honored & respected. One of the best rituals I practiced was using the Ayrvedic practice of self-massage with an oil suitable to my body type (Vata, Pitta or Kapha or a combination of two).

It is great to share these things because it reminds me of successes I've experienced in the past; gives me the ability to share my own experiences - benefiting from giving to others; not-to-mention giving me a pretty good baseline for establishing just how PTSD manifests in our lives and not feeling so confused about it.

I guess that finding a way to honor ourselves; our gifts, sensitivies and limitations is a beautiful way to find peace in our lives.

Many blessings,


If I understand you orginal post correctly your problem is lack of concentration and being tired ALL the time.

Welcome to the club. I don't know if you are on medication, but I am. That is one
cause of the exhaustion. But Marlene is correct. Living with this IS exhausting. The
result of this is lack of concentration.

It took me a very long time to accept the nap thing. Took mom even longer to accept.

She was concerned that I was "over medicated" untill I sat her down and explained this
to her like my doc explained to me. The "old me" (pre PTSD) is in a battle with the new me (Post PTSD) to be and live like I use to. Can't and won't ever happen. Hence the
complete exhaustion we go through.

I have come to treasure my naps, but the concentration thing still makes me crazy.
I some times think I have that thing--alzheimers----! But it is just a result of this
little inconvience called ptsd.

Sleep my friend, enjoy the naps and WRITE THINGS DOWN. You will be happier if you
give in to these 2 things.
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