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Failure to Thrive kicked into overdrive


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My awesome T has gone into hiding for the duration of Covid-19, since he and his entire family are all high-risk. Honestly can't blame him for that. However, with all my other social coping mechanisms shut down as well, I'm back in forced isolation (trigger), and living in PTSD trigger-hell. I now am petrified that if anyone comes in contact with me, they'll get Covid and die (I've had a mild form of it, 2x now). I NEED to interact with people, but no longer feel any ability to connect with anyone. Somatic therapies helped me feel some small connection so I could enjoy social things, and now theres....nothing.....and my body has gone numb from the lack of tactile stimulation again. I no longer want to continue living this meaningless and connectedless existence. I keep telling myself I just need to wait it out, T will come out of hiding when he feels safe enough to touch strangers again....but I know that'll be months at the EARLIEST, most likely more than a year. I can't wait a year. I'm trying to find a therapist that will see me F2F until my good T comes out from under his rock, but with navigating insurance, PTSD brain fog, and autism issues, I can't f*cking navigate any systems right now! Its so frustrating!! Wondering if I should just have a breakdown at work and let them do all the paperwork, but I don't want anyone forcefeeding me medications that just make life worse. This sucks.
Wondering if I should just have a breakdown at work and let them do all the paperwork, but I don't want anyone forcefeeding me medications that just make life worse.
So... brains often jump to the most extreme example possible... but if you back it up a few steps? There’s often some damn good solutions on the path they went catapulting down.

Meaning? You’re craving contact & face to face time, during a pandemic ... AND... It sounds like dealing with trauma issues that can’t wait until the pandemic is under control. Back up from being committed against your will in a general psych ward, and what do you have?

Maybe a few months in a specialized trauma unit?

It would give you the contact you’re craving, in the safest way possible; AND give you some time/space to work on trauma issues that can’t wait. In such a way that wants/expects you to only be working wih them in the short term (a few months) and going back to your therapist, up to and including looping him in on all you’re working on.
Could you ask your T to help with that? Because researching facilities & getting you into contact with a social worker -or case worker- to handle the insurance, medical grants, resources/funding is exactly the sort of thing that CAN be done at a distance on his end, and is fairly pointless to do face to face (sitting quietly whilst someone else types on a computer, sends emails, & leaves phone messages... isn’t therapy. It’s just sitting in a room, staring at a wall, listening to a keyboard clack).

A lot of specialized trauma units (like Shepherd Pratt) won’t deal with anyone except the therapist, until someone is admitted. So that’s not even something you could do, if you could do it, ya know? That’s something he would need to do, while you wait. Since you’re already waiting? Might make sense to release the hounds, and set them to doing the things you can’t do fo yourself. AKA just sending a quick email to get that ball rolling.


I’m thinking of going inpatient at a specialized trauma unit.
- Do you have any suggestions as to where?
- Would you be willing to submit the therapist referral paperwork for me, since most require the therapist to be the point of contact?
- Could you get me into contact with a case worker who can manage the rest of the paperwork / deal with my insurance / help me find resources?
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