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Family-cutting ties



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I recently cut ties with my sister and her children. I feel guilt for cutting ties with the kids, but not with her.
She's a constant reminder of my childhood. She's exactly like my abusive mother. I feel so much better mentally but now feel very guilty because the kids mean a lot to me as I don't have children.
Has anyone cut ties with their family and regretted it? I guess my fear is missing out on their lives but it makes my mental health suffer to be in contact with them.


I'm sorry you are missing the kids. Also sorry that you couldn't stay in contact with them. Saving ourselves is really hard sometimes when we have to also leave others behind that we love.

I have had to leave all my family behind. No regrets and no guilt that I can remember. For me, it was always constant flashbacks and emotional upheaval. I had to do what I had to do.

At some point in the future, you may be able to make contact again and have solid boundaries and be more sure of yourself with your sister. We don't always know how these things turn out.

Just take care of yourself.


had to make the call and caught myself looking back a few times. But I know, if I think about it long enough, that it was the best thing to do. Guilt comes as a part of the human condition, the desire to be included in the group and not an outcast goes way back to our very first thoughts as humans. Decisions like getting away from someone that does us harm require a deeper thought process, and if I get past the easy thoughts like guilt and stick with it until I am rehashing the reasons I made the decision, I am way past guilt and truly, truly feeling sorry for them and their loss.
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