Favorite "you tube university" videos

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I call it "You Tube University" because I've learned so much in these last few years of trying to find some semblance of sustained wellness in my life.

I thought it would be cool to have a thread where we could share some of the most helpful, self-empowering, thought provoking, life enriching, who knew? kind of things we've learned along our journeys.

Looking forward to seeing what You Tube has put in your path that may have sparked and further fueled your ongoing wellness pursuits.

Some of my favorites have been:

Rhythmic Stress Relief: Stopwatch Tap Technique with Jim Donovan
You're Surrounded by Dangerous Scents
How to Make PROFESSIONAL Hula Hoops (for less than 6 dollars a hoop!)
Is a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet an Answer to Chronic Disease? 2017 Documentary
Gluten Free Pantry Essentials
How To Grow Fruit Trees From Cuttings. By: Rick Gunter

Tornadic Thoughts


Tornadic Thoughts

Enjoying these trips down memory lane - and thought I'd add explanations rather than just the links:

Plant-strong & healthy living: Rip Esselstyn at TEDxFremont - former firefighter advocating plant-based consumption - his dad is a plant-based heart doc

Jeff McMullen, Fitness Trampoline Beginner workout with Handle| JumpSport - mini-trampolines - my other favorite daily exercise, besides hula hoops (I highly recommend the ones with safety bars - I tried it without one and almost wiped out when a bird flew over...lol...I can't jump and gawk at the same time, apparently)

FROG ARMY "Jumping Frog Fitness" NEW INSTRUCTORS - future goals for when/if I ever feel that froggy....lol

The "Miracle" Shower Cleaner - my favorite bath tub cleaner - I use much less dawn than they do and it still works better than any store bought stuff I've ever used...and once the vinegar dries, you can't smell it...but be sure to ventilate very well while cleaning - it's strong...be sure to rinse everything really well, too, or it'll be slick and soapy

All purpose Orange cleaner - DIY - all-purpose citrus infused vinegar cleaner - I drink A LOT of lemon water and use the peels to keep a jar always going...I also make my own fabric freshener with the same blend, then add a little rubbing alcohol and a few drops of citrus essential oil to a spray bottle and mist some of the fabrics/curtains/furniture (be sure it won't ruin anything before trying it) around the house

Herbal Oil Infusion - this was a fun project - learning how to make my own herb infused oils, especially after seeing how much they cost elsewhere

Tornadic Thoughts

I looked that up, @Rain, but found an entire you tube channel, not a specific video. Is that the same thing you're referencing? If so, are there specific videos on that channel you'd recommend? Thanks for sharing!