Favourite books?


Interested to hear about books you've loved and why?

I'll pick one,

It was suggested to me by a woman staying in a respite home for suicidal people. Couldn't stand her which is not like me but I absolutely loved this book, really powerful.

“ALL YOUR ECSTASY in life is going to come from the inside,” my ballet master had told me. I never understood what he meant. Until Auschwitz.

Magda finally speaks to me. “How do I look?” she asks. “Tell me the truth.” The truth? She looks like a mangy dog. A naked stranger. I can’t tell her this, of course, but any lie would hurt too much and so I must find an impossible answer, a truth that doesn’t wound. I gaze into the fierce blue of her eyes and think that even for her to ask the question, “How do I look?” is the bravest thing I’ve ever heard. There aren’t mirrors here. She is asking me to help her find and face herself. And so I tell her the one true thing that’s mine to say. “Your eyes,” I tell my sister, “they’re so beautiful. I never noticed them when they were covered up by all that hair.” It’s the first time I see that we have a choice: to pay attention to what we’ve lost or to pay attention to what we still have. “Thank you,” she whispers.


My favorite book is the Giver.....about how people give away their power by blindlessly following their leader.....because it has always been that way. It has many good messages and themes.

Rani G2

I am not your Negro - James Baldwin.. other books from James Baldwin
Letters of Emily Dickinson
Welcome home by Lucia Berlin -one of my favourite author
Zadie smith - Feel free essays
Arundhati Roy - The God of small things

And many more..


Yes I do, though I've not read anything by him, seen him on documentaries more. He has such an amazing mind hey.


I have a friend who wrote a series on characters with ptsd. She is giving away all 3 books for free on Kindle. Here is the letter.

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Thank you all!
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