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Fear About Going Back To Work

Discussion in 'Employment, Education & Disability' started by kazandlee, Jun 3, 2007.

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  1. kazandlee

    kazandlee New Member

    Its been 10 days since the car accident, im due to go back to work tommorow after a weeks holiday time, thing is, im worried about how im going to cope, i am a manager and have a quite stressful role, im worried that people may see that my mindset isnt right, and if for some reason i have a difficult time and it shows in my performance, im worried about my career, the thing is, if i tell anyone, even my boss, im concerned that it may be viewed as a weakness, my line of work is very cut throat, if i cant do it, theres someone else that will, i have a very good reputation in my job, im noted for being able to handle stress well but if thats the case, why is this affecting me so much, i dont know which way to turn, the kind people on this forum are the only ones that understand, i feel like im wining, am i, please tell me if i am.

    I know that i will be transparent when i gat back to work, what can i do, i dont want to lose my job, for some reason im paranoid about my future, my wife and i are not getting on well since all this started, all she keeps saying is fot me to snap out of it, wish i could, after 10 days, its got no better, i started a diary on my pc to see if i can shake off dome of my feelings, but i dont feel any diffrent, im at the doctors on tuesday, dont know what to say, i need to see a counciler, but i cant get an appointment while later this week.

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  3. nov_silence

    nov_silence Well-Known Member

    Well, what is your support system like? I am glad that you will be seeking counseling. Perhaps there can be joint sessions where you and your wife can have some support in working through this stuff.

    How did it go today?

    Thinking of you. Hang in there.
  4. willing

    willing Active Member

    I read your post and it could have very well been my writing. I just want you to know that I think and feel the same way often. The spinning in circles and constantly kicking myself for not being able to snap out of it. One thing I have recently learned is that PTSD is not something you snap out of. But we can use tools to help calm us down when we get going with anxiety. One is to breathe. For some reason our breathing normally gets shallow and short which makes things worse. The second thing that really helps me is to focus on things I see immediately around me. The light, the telephone, the picture the....

    The work stuff is really hard. Life goes on without us. Unfortunately, we need to de-stress ourselves as much as possible. What's hard is what I could do yesterday, now is filled with anxiety and fear. Just one day. it all changes.

    I wish you the best my thoughts are with you. Keep sharing too.
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