fear visualizations - symptom?

I am curious if anybody has had a similar experience or C-PTSD feature that is similar to what I experience. (see number 3)

When I am startled by a noise or person, I will typically respond 3 different ways:
1) intense fear response and vigilance or avoidance
2) emotional flashback, non-visual
3) intense visual experience that is similar to the features of a flashback, but is instead about what I believe is about to happen to me in the now. It is not the same as an anticipation of a similar past event, because I am imagining something that has never happened to me.

I call these fear visualizations because they seem different than intrusive thoughts. This could be a left over feature of hearing domestic abuse as a child from another room. I responded by visualizing what was happening because I could not see what was happening.

Anybody else? Does this have another name?
Thanks for your input.
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I get all of these. With #3 I generally refer to as catastrophizing because I come to the worst possible conclusion and it ends up playing in my head like a movie when I am way overwhelmed and over-stimulated. I don't have C-PTSD though, and maybe what I experience is different from what you are describing.