Feel abandoned sad and angry - My only in person support has just refused to help me


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My only in person support has just refused to help me with my trauma anymore shewould listen and give her thoughts and opinions on things like my nightmares and now she's just dropped me cause it got too difficult for her to deal with. I'm really upset and angry and want to self harm. I don't feel like seeing her ever again but I have too or my anxiety will get worse again around people and I'm starting to make improvements. And I only just started letting pinkie process through my nightmares without getting angry with her and I had another nightmare and now I can't tell her.


Policy Enforcement
Is this person a trauma therapist?
No and yes I understand why she's refused to carry on letting me talk to her about my trauma but I'm still sad and angry about it cause now if she's like how was your week I can't say anything cause mostly at the moment it involves my trauma and me trying to deal with it. Though I bought cookies which helped me feel better.


Is this your autism worker?

Is there a other way of seeing this. That you can answer about how your week has been, as that is expressing your feelings. But in terms of helping you process your trauma: she is being professional and competent and showing absolute care to you by saying she isn't qualified to help you process?
So it isn't abandonment, even though it feels so strongly that it is, but care she is showing?

I may have it all wrong of course!

She is still there to support you, but that support is for a particular thing and this trauma is another part that needs it's own support.