Undiagnosed Feel like I am losing my mind


New Here
Hi there,

I am new to this, I have been a few psychologists throughout my life but never did anything like this. I am 24 years old and I have been through my fair share of traumas throughout my life however only been diagnosed with depression and anxiety as I have yet to see my doctor.

A few weeks ago something bad happened to me on a night out while on a girl's night out, with just one of my girl pals. I have been experiencing very bad PTSD ever since and I don't know how to cope with it...I feel like I am losing my mind with the episodes, the flashback, the sleep deprivation, and extreme anxiety... I feel like I am literally drowning and no one can understand what I am feeling. I have experienced PTSD in the past where I could suppress it but this time is nowhere the same it's taking over my life and me...

I find it hard to accept this is my new reality as can't see myself going back to pre-trauma me...Post trauma me is just broken...

I can't manage my emotions and want to block out the flashbacks and I have been smoking my brains out to try to function but I know that's not gonna get me anywhere...

I am looking for advice, help in anyway as I want to feel normal again....It be nice to connect with others who know what I am feeling and that I am not alone in that sense..


hello stitch. welcome to ds. sorry for what brings you here, but glad you are here.
the habit of repressing memories and emotions has a cumulative effect. as we progress into adulthood, with its far more complex body of decisions, etc., those accumulated emotions are agitated far more frequently than during childhood where your decisions are not much more complex than whether or not to show up. the longer you continue repressing, the more volatile that psychic mix becomes. developing a new habit of consciously processing those emotions, both old and new, has been my own relief for that broken feeling.

i hope you'll feel safe to vent and sort those emotions here, stitch. welcome aboard.