Feeling disconnected from partner

I've been feeling disconnected from my partner since a traumatic event last spring. This event triggered a lot of issues from childhood which I had done a great job covering up for 30 years. My partner knows about the event last spring but knows nothing of my childhood (and would be shocked as I always stick to the good stories with him). I don't necessarily plan on telling him about the childhood stuff at this point, though I'm not completely against it in the future. But for now, any ideas on how to feel more connected to him? I just feel distant and want to be alone all the time.


Do you live together or apart? I think this may matter in how one takes space in relationship (which I think is healthy if both understand each other).
are there children to care and taking space is complicated?
Is the partner responsible or has something to do with the recent trauma?

What does being alone mean in your situation? and are you in therapy to have support while you are recovering?

it is hard to give an advice without context.
Thank you for answering! We are married and have children. We currently live apart, but that is work related (his job periodically requires 6ish months elsewhere, with our children being school aged we don't go with him anymore but he comes home some weekends when he can). My partner was not responsible for the recent trauma and actually experienced it also (though is coping much better than I am). We are both in therapy.