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Feeling Guilty - Sleep Medication

Discussion in 'Medications & Substances' started by cookie, Jan 13, 2007.

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  1. cookie

    cookie I'm a VIP

    Friday night is the only night i feel safe in taking something to make me sleep. si i sleep in on sat. morn. sat. is usuallly my only day to clean, and get groceries. dear husband will pick up groceries if i just cant make it out, but if i don't clean--nobody does(although he does still do his part to make the mess,lol)
    trouble is, i've been up for an hr. had some cereal, checked email and come here to read. now i need to get started, but i'm so sleepy i don't think i can. going to have to go back to bed for a couple hrs. then i will have to kick myself all day long to get the cleaning done. i've been called lazy a lot, when i was young, but now i really AM lazy, and it is making me very angry at myself. anybody else go through this mess? got any suggestions, short of hiring a maid?
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  3. jade

    jade Active Member

    I know where your coming from. Don't take anything to help me sleep until Fri. and Sat. because I know that my husband will be there in the morning. They knock me out big time. My husband also does the grocery thing as he has to go by the store everyday to and from work. Usually I make a list and he'll pick it up on the way home. Saves me the anxiety. I can't recount the times that I have been told that I'm just lazy. It makes me angry. One day I finally spoke up to my husband and told him no I'm not lazy I'm tormented. Its easy for someone without PTSD to come to that conclusion bc they really don't understan what we are going through. Don't kick yourself you don't have to do that. Take your time, rest, and do what you can do. If totally possible go with the lazy day and relax.
  4. becvan

    becvan Queen of the Blunt! Premium Member

    Cookie, you are still internalizing a message from you childhood! STOP THAT! Give yourself permission to not clean the house. I want you to say.. I will not clean the house today. and then if you get anything done.. bonus for you.. you need to take the pressure off of yourself.. that you are putting there.. LOL, I need a maid also, but I refuse to get in knots over it.. It's my house and although I share with my kids, my opinion is if they don't like it they can clean it.. same with company.. same attitude for them.. This helps take the pressure off and you end up getting more done..

    Relax girl, a messy house is nothing but a messy house. It doesn't make any of us lazy.

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