Feeling guilty when partner feels guilty


New Here
So recently I have had a few flashbacks and anxiety attacks when my girlfriend has done some things. For example she accidentally pushed against my leg in a weird position and I had a flashback ( I have cptsd). When I came out of it she was crying and really upset and was blaming herself for causing it. Obviously it’s not her fault and I don’t want her to feel bad or even have to watch those things. It wasn’t the first time she had seen me in a flashback but still. But it’s really hard for me to comfort her and ground myself. It tends to make me even more anxious and make panic attacks worse or make me have one when I get out of a flashback because then I feel guilty that she feels guilty. If that makes sense. I’ve tried to discuss that with her but obviously it takes a toll on her to see me in pain and stuff. We’re both 19 and it’s a lot to deal with and I do not want to invalidate her emotions but Idk. Has anyone else felt or dealt with something like this?