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Hi. I'm not usually one to participate in forums, but I feel so lost right now and don't know what to do. This won't be a super coherent post... I went through a really awful event a few months ago that involved my family, close friends, and most of my local community. I was responsible for keeping 15 people safe while communicating with others about what was happening and trying to stay sane. This was all 3 months ago... Since then, I thought I have been managing ok.... I feel like I have to be to be there for everyone else who was involved.

Every now and then I have an incredibly realistic flashback and anxiety attack. The worst one so far happened last Thursday when I was playing a video game and felt that I couldn't do anything. It felt like a silly trigger, but I haven't been completely present since then. I am a student that can't sit in certain classrooms because that's where the trauma happened. I can't focus and am falling behind because I can't keep myself in class long enough to complete work or get homework done. I started an anxiety medication about a month ago, but it doesn't feel like it is helping anymore. I'm just so tired of losing fights with my own brain while worrying people around me.
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hello, sienna. welcome to the forum. this particular forum might be especially useful to you while your healing progresses. even the toughest of warriors need time to heal wounds of battle. healing the psychic wounds can be even tougher than healing the flesh. a safe place to be honest about those psychic wounds can be helpful, indeed.

steadying support while you heal. welcome aboard.


You really need to find your way to mental health professionals and then move on from there. My case here in Canada, I got a hold of my GP, talked to the mental health nurse at my GP's office, then the Psychiatrist. The nurse called back with options for treatment and my wife made some calls and I started therapy.

One of my Traumas happened in March 1975. Five years before the diagnoses for PTSD came about. Grade 5 was the last report cards with A's B's and C's. From there on they said "doesn't apply himself" or worse.

Look for help because the avoidance you feel for the school stuff will get worse if it is PTSD.