Feeling overwhelmed


New Here
What do you do when you just feel so overwhelmed?
The reason I searched and joined for a forum like this last night is because during the day, I just got so overwhelmed, I started crying and literally couldn't stop or calm myself down....it took a long time.
Looking for any breathing exercises etc or anything else that may help


I’m actually trying something new. You spend 15 minutes writing down all of your fears/resentments followed by 20 minutes meditation. Morning and night. You don’t try to process it. You just write it down and leave it there. This was on “crappy childhood fairy.” My T suggested I google it.

Also, go outside daily, even if it is a short amount of time. I have specific places/parks I like to go for this, however, it is as simple as sitting outside in my backyard.

Exercise. Gardening.

I spend time alone every night.

breathing: after you slowly breathe in, breathe out slowly as if blowing on a soup spoon to cool it off.

breathe in for different counts, out for more counts

while breathing in, imagine that you are taking in air from your fingers and toes. This works well when you feel like your lungs can’t take in enough air. Your fingers and toes breathe for you.


Insight Timer is a great mindfulness app with lots of content. Tons of ways to help reduce stress.

Self tap therapy is really good too, and you can do it anywhere and it can work in minutes. (the Self Tapping Solution is a nice app.)


I can absolutely relate to this. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and nothing really helps at all. It can be really hard to motivate to meditate or focus on breathing or do yoga or really any of the things that you know would help. I always try to at least go outside. Even if I can't focus on doing breathing, just being outside, preferably around trees, can help me feel less trapped.