Fibro Fibro and EMDR


For those who suffer from Fibro and have gone through EMDR, I'd love to hear your experiences. Has EMDR helped relieve symptoms, made them worse or something else?


Did the EMDR affect Fibro in any way?
for me? yep. Alot. sigh

EMDR is exhausting, so it can spin the fibro up and make me so tired afterwards that I can barely move.
And after a really intense session I can assume that I'm going to have a flare up so I have to plan ahead, have my meds nearby, salt soaks, yoga, blah blah..

So why do I do it?
Because it works.
Fibro is connected to trauma - so as the trauma resolves the fibro will improve. I've already seen quite a bit of that over the last year or so. I've gone from weeks long flares with horrible pain to ones that are 2 or 3 days with, well, still horrible pain but for a much shorter time frame 😁