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Finally Crossed the Gap and Got a New Girlfriend

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New Here
hi all

just a quick thing that im pretty proud of...i havent had a partner or even been "active" for the last 2 years or so...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many issues with my previous gf.
But 1 month today , ive become successful at landing and holding a lady close to me :)
Its funny tho...after this logn ive made a definite connection mentally , but it turns out she has been thru two major traumas in her recent past (much like myself) so no wonder i get on so well with her. We can be nutty together eheh.
See how it goes...*happier Ben*
Good stuff mate, congratulations. Its really good that you have someone to feel with again, someone to hold and someone to be with you. Really, bloody good stuff and I wish you both all the best.
Not open for further replies.