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Finally Doing Okay, Taking Zoloft

Discussion in 'Medications & Substances' started by mac, May 6, 2007.

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  1. mac

    mac Active Member

    Over the last month or two, I've been doing so much better- mentally. I don't know how long this will last, but I hope it lasts indefinitely- knock on wood! At one time or another I have been put on welbutrin, or lexapro, or cymbalta, and/or effexor (at various dosages) over the last couple of years... many times working up to max dosage... and they all have not been as effective for me as the Zoloft I was recently put on. I guess it is true that what works for someone may not unfortunately work for someone else. My Vet Center counselor kept harping on me to keep trying different meds 'till I find one that works. I just kept telling him there's really no hope for me... I'm stuck like this (misery) until I die.

    Around March I was started on 50mg/day for several days, then I was supposed to go to 100mg/day. I went to 100mg and got totally 'zombied' out, so I went back just 50mg. I was feeling better on the 50mg, but after about a month I started reverting back (having problems). Therefore, I took it upon myself to go up to the previous recommendation of 100mg/day. This time my mind/body tolerated the dose increase a lot better. By the next day I was doing better. No other medicine has made me feel this 'normal' again since coming back from the Iraq war in 2003. Lord knows, I've been wanting to be somewhat normal again for so long since. I've lost my career, my health, and a lot of other stuff that was important to me at one time- because of PTSD.

    Since initially being on Zoloft, I have only had about 7-14 bad consecutive days (moderate depression), and no bad days- since routinely taking 100mg(yet?). I feel like I'm starting to 'wake up' to life again. Although, my physical health is still enduring the repercussions from all the stress and neglect.

    The Zoloft has also curbed my appetite... I haven't lost any weight, but I am not 'bloated' like I used to be. The stubborn weight loss might be because of my diabetes. Since taking the Zoloft though, I have felt the motivation to take all my meds for my other health problems... something I have always had trouble with in the past as I hate taking medcine. I've also been taking a shower more often in contrast to only once every few weeks to a month. My sleep has also been a lot better. This Zoloft is the first SSRI I look forward to actually taking each day.

    I've been doing a lot of cleaning and organizing, did some lawn work, shot some of my airguns, chaperoned my daughter for a school field trip, road my bike a couple times, shaved my long beard (going to get first haircut in about a year), took my boat out (after many month's of neglect); I couldn't believe it still started! I was still somewhat nervous about being out in public, but not anywhere as bad as I was before... previously, I hardly ever left the walls of my house; not even to hang out in my backyard. The only exception was to run errands- if I wasn't already laid up at home.

    Recently, I caught up all of my Continuing Education Units (around 2 years behind) to fullfill requirements as a lab tech. I also started applying for lab jobs (the few available) and was even contacted to come in for an interview possibly next week. If I get this job and I'm able to keep it, that will be great. I hope I do not succumb to job stressors, and I'm able to tolerate others.

    I don't know how long all of this is going to last. Once I click on the 'submit' button below, my mind may go back to being 'dog shit'... or hopefully I may stay good for a year, several years, or even the rest of my life- who knows. March, April, and May are usually especially bad month's for me... I've been strong enough so far to not succumb to intrusive thoughts since being on the Zoloft. I'm getting tired now- I'm going to bed; such a far cry from the severe insomnia I have dealt with prior to the Zoloft. I just want my 'pre-Iraq war' health/life back.
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  3. permban0077

    permban0077 Policy Enforcement Banned

    That is great Mac and sweet dreams, I had the other reaction. But my best bud has taken it for years and he was/is capable of holding down jobs and not flip out or have panic. He still takes it. As much as we encourage people to be drug free I would never do that with my bud as I know him! He does need it. The nice thing about it if you respond well is you find the level you react well to and then that is it. You do become addicted but you do not build tolerance according to my doc. You find your level and it stays that way. I hope it stabilizes you long enough you try it on your own, but for some it is not doable and that is OK. But when you find something that makes you feel well you find the idea you had a nice break much needed and then willing to work through it.

    I hope this will be a good first step in healing. If you simply cannot function without it then know you still have my support. It is nice to feel alive again isn't it? Enjoy it. Like I said my bud I would never want to see off, he had had heart attack, gun shots, wreck a bike, did swat, was an HPD turned bounty hunter... The stress would kill him without it. Like it or not some people do need it and some like me get more ill on it. Good luck!
  4. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    Good to hear mac.... now you have a lul in your battle, nows the time to hit pulling yourself apart hard, because your on a medication that works, which means your stabilized enough now to really pull apart your trauma and endure the consequences, recover, and keep moving toward a med free life.... if you want it that is.
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