Undiagnosed Finally Getting Help


I'm not sure if I'm professionally diagnosed or not. My psychologist told me I likely had PTSD and a counselor before her told me I did, but I don't think it's on my medical record so I don't want to steal the term from people or anything.

Either way, I do have trauma from childhood. I'm working with a trauma specialist finally, after considering it for two years. I've always found forums like this to be a helpful place when it comes to other mental health struggles I have, so I'm happy to have found this.


New Here
Welcome, Daisy,
Congratulations on taking this step ^_^
I've never sought therapy for my [self-diagnosed] C-PTSD but given that I'm in my sixties I might have dodged a bullet there ...so many stories show how it was misdiagnosed in past decades.
Support groups like this one have been pure gold for me!
I look forward with interest to hearing about it goes with the trauma specialist.


Thank you! Yes, I think unfortunately some practitioners don't know what they're talking about. It's definitely gotten better, but there's so much misunderstanding surrounding trauma. 😕

Thanks for the welcome, I appreciate it!


Welcome to the forum. Hope you find this place to be a great extension of your therapy. Lots of great people here in all stages of recovery.

Sorry for the reasons you are here but hope you find yourself among people doing some hard healing work.