Find yourself more isolated or social?

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Do you find yourself more isolated or more Social? Also do you find it difficult to be that way either isolated or Social with your PTSD?
Before I was diagnosed I was a party person, I was always where the action was. I believe I had PTSD even then, but undiagnosed... But since being diagnosed, I am a home body. I don't go out very often, and then not to party's. Just out with a few friends, shopping, and such. But I do tend to isolate now....
She Cat, Interesting big different between before you were diagnosis PTSD and After... Interesting how does it makes different once you find out you had PTSD and make you more isolated?

I find myself a lot more isolated since I was kid.
I was really sociable too, before my breakdown. Like She Cat, I've more than likely had PTSD for most of my life. I don't think my partying behavior prior to the diagnosis was very healthy - I would drink lots and although I knew lots of people, I didn't have very secure relationships with many of them. I have to work on being social now and try not to keep myself to myself too much. Quality friendships are very important. A balance of both is probably a good thing.

I agree with dust. Before i was diagnosed I used every bad coping skill there was, to get me through. Drinking, drugs, men, smoking going to bars, you name it I did it. but, once I was diagnosed, I had a name, PTSD.....Something I could grab onto, something that actually gave me hope. Yes, hope, because before i was convinced that I was just nuts with the shit I was going through in my head, and what I was experiencing...... So, I worked on getting better, and you can't get better doing what I was doing..........
She Cat, now it make more sense now I am more clear why it made different for you before PTSD and after you found out you had PTSD.
I used to be so social and active, outgoing and self-confident able to supervize people and teach a group of 48 students. Since my dx and the symptoms...isolation is about as bad as it could be. I mostly just want to be left alone. Each and every social outting takes alot of thought..before there was no thought, I just did things now not at all.
I've always been a loner. However, as I got older my social anxiety increased. I'm scared to death of crowds and even small gatherings at work make me super-anxious. I like playing Second Life, but I find myself gravitating to sims that are low-populated or way out of the way. I cringe inwardly when another avatar even teleports into the same location.
I used to be super social, but since my breakdown I find I isolate more. I can definitely gauge how I am doing by my activity level or how hard it is for me to be with people. If I am struggling I withdraw and isolate. I have to say though that even though I am very social when I am feeling's all a front. I really hate large gatherings, always. I don't feel that I am as good as others, I feel different from other people. I wear a good mask, most people wouldn't have any idea how uncomfortable I am inside. In fact I think I can even fake myself out LOL!
I have always been more of a loner. I isolate a lot especially when things are tougher than usual which really tends to make me more depressed and unhappy but I don't feel like I fit in anywhere. I have never felt like a "part" of anything no matter where I go or how hard I try. I do have to say just like Iam no one would guess that I feel like that inside. I have such a happy face I am very good at hiding all of my feelings. No one would guess how I am really feeling inside. I can be dying from the pain inside and still smile and laugh. I am really good at faking it for everyone else.
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