Other Flashback due to loud noise


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There was an incredible loud bang just a sec ago. Idk whether that was very illegal firework or a f*cking bomb (probably not because i live in a wuite safe country but i felt the noise does that make sense?). I’m feeling myself drifting into a panic attack and Im trying to tell myself im safe but trauma says otherwise. I actually forgot i had that trauma till now


my hearing issues are such that i feel the vibrations from noise more than i hear it. it makes absolute sense to me that you felt it. i was once near a gas explosion and i felt it, big time.

however, i've never drifted into a panic attack. my panic attacks happen fast and furious. i do drift into dissociation if i cannot calm the panic attack before it escalates.


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Luigiii, I'm so sorry that happened. Loud, unexpected noises do me in, completely.

Do you have meds you can take for the anxiety and to help you calm back down?
Depends on what you see as medication, i have two different anxiety meds (1x pill a day and 1 is some type of liquid when its getting bad but its all natural yk so idk its not the professional kind)