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Flashbacks at work

Discussion in 'Employment, Education & Disability' started by DeanisBatman, May 14, 2018.

  1. DeanisBatman

    DeanisBatman New Member

    I do orientations all day for my company so it's a constant stream of people and talking and repeating the script. Lately I've been having very bad flashbacks where I'm not sure exactly where I am and I get sick and confused....all while an orientation class is staring at me. It's embarrassing and imI starting to have panic attacks on the way to work in anticipation and it's turning into a loop. The panic makes me more stressed with makes me more likely to have a panic attack. ImI working with my therapist to try and finding a way to deal but right noq I just feel crazy and stressed. I hate flashbacks so much. I get them all the time. :(.
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