Flashbacks Leading To Other Things

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This is weird, but having had lots of childhood trauma, I feel like weird is normal for me.

I've had lots of vivid flashbacks to trauma. Some are partial of the same event, and then come back with full on physical feelings that its happening along with even more of the memory. Those are very hard to ride out.

Contained or embedded in the worst flashback I've ever had, of being continuously electrocuted during torture, I experienced a flashback within the flashback to a "past life" when I was being killed a different way, but there was a similarity to the attack upon my body.

It was crystal clear who I was and the life that I was in. I have had other past life experiences in dreams, very vivid, and so on, but nothing quite like this, and in the form of a fearful, painful flashback. In that event, I was murdered.

Has anyone had past life flashbacks (or whatever the hell it was, cause can't prove that its not something else, such as psychosis) embedded within the flashback of childhood trauma?

My T. said that whatever happened inside me during the original trauma will play out like a tape with the flashback. So if I went into shock and shivered then, I will now. If I dissociated then, I will now, and I might remain stuck in dissociation longer now than I did then due to circumstances.

If children have greater access to past life memories, which most New Agers say they do, then perhaps my trauma triggered a past-life flashback during the trauma time, and this simply replayed in the experience of the flashback. No way to know, and it's complex.
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