Dom Violence Flying Monkeys - People Who Believe The Lies


I had a pdoc align with my parents.

I moved on. It was messy, it hurt a lot. But it's behind me.

Fact is, I can't stop other people buying into their BS. I can hope that people accept me as I am, based on their lived experience with me, rather than the phoney crap that spills out from my parents mouths. But people are free to believe what they want - even when it's BS.

It's very sad when people buy into it. But there is nothing I can do about it once they have. I will no longer fight to retain the people that want to play into siding with my parents. They make their choice, and my choice is to disengage from the nastiness and toxicity. It is sad, but it's less costly than the hopeless fight to persuade them of something that they don't want to believe.