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For Anthony

Discussion in 'Social' started by PTSDd_Off, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. PTSDd_Off

    PTSDd_Off Member

    Hi Anthony

    As a PTSD sufferer and someone who's serious about surviving this I have become quite selective about who I entrust my mental health too. You've done a great thing by starting up this forum and there's a lot of wonderful people to talk to but I was wondering about you?

    I notice that you're the only moderator and, while you provide good advice, I can't help being curious about your background/experience with PTSD. I may have missed a post were you talk about this but it'd be good if you could share a little
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  3. becvan

    becvan Queen of the Blunt! Premium Member

    Actually, PTSD'd (love that name!) there are quite a few mods around! We just come on when we can.. as for the rest Anthony can answer that!

  4. PTSDd_Off

    PTSDd_Off Member

    Thanks Bec.
  5. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder


    My background / experience is written in numerous places around this forum if you want to search for it. Basically, I am not a physician, nor even related to the mental health industry. I learnt the hard way of going through the industry, through medications, etc etc, what worked and what did not. I got into a PTSD course some years back where I learnt that I got more from talking with others who had PTSD than I got from any specialist trying to tell me just theory on any aspect of PTSD / managing it.

    I then tried things myself, they worked. I then helped a few friends of mine by shareing what I learnt with them, it worked. Nothing that is new, nothing that is really different, I just removed the bullshit fed to us by doctors who only care about the bottom line dollar figure, I removed the nonsense that therapists go on about, careing and concern, none of which works for a PTSD sufferer. I learnt what a counsellor learns, I have self educated myself on many aspects basically.
  6. PTSDd_Off

    PTSDd_Off Member

    Yeah - I agree with you about the counsellor thing - I've been to many and they all harp on about caring, warm fuzzy stuff. I guess it took me 10 years to see a psych - wish I'd done it sooner.

    Thanks for sharing that Anthony.
  7. Wookie58

    Wookie58 New Member


    I too regret taking so long to seek professional help and then not voluntarily! I was hospitalized in the fall of 2003. The treatment I recieved at the hands of Summerville Medical Center was nothing short of brutal and thought less. Fortunately Palmetto was a godsend and couldn't have been any kinder.
  8. sky dancer

    sky dancer Well-Known Member

    I've had extremely good fortune in finding therapists to work with. The one I'm working with now is excellent. I'm doing EMDR with him. I kind of think of him as a nerdy wizard-absent minded professor kind of guy. He's brilliant and knowledgeable and I trust him.

    Previously, I worked with a woman psychologist back in the eighties. She was a Jungian analyst, and Gestalt therapist. She was also a Sufi. She used to just sit with me and beam love at me, and it opened my heart.

    I've been fortunate to have two therapists now and both of them have had holistic approaches that include the body and the spiritual side of healing.
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