Childhood Forget traumatic event



Hi everyone

Is it possible to forget if something worse happened when you were being abuse as a child?
When I was 9 while I was taking a nap, I woke up because I felt my body was moving a lot. When I opened my eyes my cousin (16) was doing things to me (not giving details) and he was masturbating. I was shocked and did not understand what was happening the only thing I knew it was I did not like it and it hurt. I closed my eyes again to try and continue sleeping and when I remember being awake again, it was night already. When my cousin woke me up doing what he was doing it was still sunny and with light outside, I was in front of the window.
I don't know how many hours passed and how could I possibly fell asleep again. When I woke up at night I went to find my dad to try and tell him what had happened but I just couldn't and never did. My cousin never came back to my house again.

When I think of this situation I have panic attacks and have a lot of physical symptoms, feel dizzy and with nausea, pain in my body because I don't understand how I was able to Fall asleep again. I just don't know what happened in that time lapse.

Is it possible to forget if something worse had happened? I don't want to know if something else happened just want to know if it's possible to forget?

Thanks, I'm getting ready to talk about this with my therapist