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Forum Redesign in the Works

Discussion in 'Administration' started by anthony, Oct 18, 2006.

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  1. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    I just wanted to let people know ahead of time, that the forum is getting a complete makeover and will relaunch in the coming month/s with a different look and feel.

    Why? Well, because when I launched the forum just over a year ago, the way it was then was suitable for what it was to accomplish, however; now with more integrations, ie. chat, forms, shopping cart coming, etc etc, they are really just being tacked into available space to suit, not really being given some prominence for people to easily view or find, hence the redesign.

    This will not impact the daily forum usage, as it will simply be done behind the scenes and when complete, you will suddenly just have a new look that works.

    The forum will maintain its PTSD theme, black or white thinking, introducing grey areas, and with a splash of colour to represent the end goal of healing.

    This will take me a little time, as the vbulletin system is quite complex in its overall templating system, and not based off a standard Content Management System (CMS) type build. Fingers crossed and all goes well, hopefully by Christmas it should rollout.
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Thread Status:
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