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Ok, in many ways this isn’t MY accomplishment but I had a hand in it.
I was struck the other day by what my kids are doing.

The youngest just graduated from undergrad. She’s setting off to apply for grad school so she can be a speech therapist after watching me deal with my TBI and seeing what speech therapy did for me.

The middle child, aka the kid, is in grad school in GERMANY. They did that all by themselves (mostly) and they are mostly self sufficient

The eldest child is also in grad school and has an A in his classes. That is tenuous, as he’s waiting to hear if he got the assistantship he desperately needs to continues. But he’s DOING IT. He’s a wildlife scientist and trying to save the planet.

The point however is that they all are functioning adults- probably despite me. But partially because I managed to keep them alive for better than 18 years.

Small victories for me. Huge for them

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It sounds like you gave your children wings to fly and they are doing just that! Successfully, I might add :-)

Turning one's children out into the world (for lack of better words) with their own confidence that they can pursue their interests in healthy ways is NOT a small victory. It is HUGE! Kudos to them and to you! Bask in knowing you did at least a few things right.

You deserve a pat on the back as well as they do <3
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