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Funny Things Insomniacs Do - Share Yours

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I am having the worst case of insomnia, without the boogie man part, just anxiety galore, racy like something is sneaking up on me, so I will get my running shoes on and try to hide from the monster we call Mr. flashback.
I must be doing something funny in my sleep because me legs feel like they ran an infinite marathon. I do get up from sleep and do stuff, so maybe, but I only got about eight or less hours in in the last four or five days, they start to blurr when you don't mark them with sleep.
Okay some of my fun insomniac things to do, when inspired by a little thing called, freedom from ptsd side effects.
I will call friends I know are up and partying in NY and CA, and have a blast from the past attack.
I will make meals in advance to freeze and be a well known chef, like justin wilson or drink some wine and do my julia childs voice that sounds drunk anyway.
I will take a shower and do shampoo commercials, cause my stuff is the bestest.
Anyone else have fun things they have done during times of lack of sleep.
We don't get them enough, figured we can share the funnier sides of ourselves.
its 3am, got bored so went out and stripped down my motorbikes drumbrakes again and set them up right, took the bike round the block to check and adjust them, got them just right and headed back then the chain snapped:doh: way of things, bunch of boozy students looking at a scruffy oil covered bloke in a yellow jacket puffing and panting pushing his bike up a hill, why do i have to live at the top of a steep hilll when pushing a 250lb bike?

usually end up looking at rubbish on the net or doing something which needs doing, have been known to do all night wood carving before now but theres no woods nearby for material at the moment, used to spend a lot of time in my workshop making things, but not so much now as im away.
Luckily when I lose sleep I really have little recall :) I seem to make lists... I am too tired to do a thing but make plans!
I like to make things when I get a little "out there". It helps me think more clearly. The idea for a porn lamp came about 6 weeks into a 3-month stretch of insomnia. So, I worked on cutting out and pasting porn onto an old lamp instead of sleeping. I gave it to a college-aged son of a friend, which seems like a fitting place for such a lamp. It was quite lovely and I still laugh when I think about it. As a side note, wielding an exacto knife on very little sleep is ill advised.

I also used to watch/listen to Law & Order because it gave just enough distraction from all the "brain noise" that there was a chance that I could fall asleep. I feel like one of Pavlov's dogs now, because now I fall alseep almost every time I watch the show.
okay, from the extremist, I woke up yesterday, went to doctors and go meds for my arthritis which made me sleep deeply. Woke up about 8:30 pm, and decided it was a good enough time to clean my carpets. Put on a pot of coffee, and began. It is now 10:12 am and I have finally finished what I wanted to get done.
So, if the cleaner is ran thru my rugs, the water will be clear,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i know i know and i rent so its not even like its really my carpet, its that pesky thing called perfectionism i am cursed with.
So anyone coming over, take off your shoes at the door please, thank you
Well just got finished since about 3:30 pm, now 11:00 pm, sleep is when ever I can, have meds, but my pattern has been quite bizarre and not at all regular.
Let's see, shampooed all the carpets, did laundry, organized everything, still have to do the paper work but that too is organized and placed ready for me to dig in, ok anthony, here's where extremist took a back step, I did not do the paper work,,,,,,,,,,lol
now enjoying coffee and the computer and nonabug5 will be calling soon.
hope all is well for the other non sleepers
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