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Future Forum Direction

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Whilst the forum itself will never really change from its layout or purpose, more features are in planning to add to the forum itself, more for the ease and benefit of all readers and members to help control PTSD, and keep it under control.

Whilst we have recently released our forms section, containing already two forms that are being highly used, and more to be developed over the coming months, another more interactive feature to be added will be the use of online presentations, video and audio discussions about particular key issues in regard to PTSD.

We will also be releasing interactive tutorials on how to use the forum, as part of this media upgrade and interactive component to the PTSD Forum. Lets face facts, reading something and having it demonstrated, are two completely different things. Reading and listening, two very different things. Reading vs. watching a video presentation, two very different things.

As key components are developed over the next year, we will ask for as much input as possible from all members, as collectively, this is where the knowledge and experience of PTSD lies, and not within one or two people. Whilst there is physician knowledge, even as experts within their fields, they struggle to understand what is happening within a PTSD patient, because patients have been so sealed and isolated about the inner feelings, until this board was created, and now bringing PTSD to the surface, a place where we are more capable to deal with the real issues.

I think with my current thought patterns in regard to future direction, and the assistance from members with their input, the forum can become a more valuable and highly used resource to help everyone recover faster from PTSD, instead of it taking years, or living with it for decades, we can all help the future of PTSD recover faster, cleaner and much more healthier.
Whilst doing some research on new tools and strategies I want to implement over the coming month or two, here is a snapshot of whats planned.

* Integration of live community chat
* Integration of live community video chat (maybe on that one)
* Integration of live two way video chat
* New high powered server to cope with demand and increasing load (yes, downtime will be inevitable)
* Video introduction and welcome message from myself
* Interactive how to use the forum streaming media
* Implementation of live radio broadcast channel to output weekly discussions and even live interviews with pertinent persons
* Possible forum redesign to suit all of the above more effectively
Yer, I am looking forward to it actually piglet. It took me a while to find the chat software that was easy, I owned outright, is nice looking and works fast... which I found thank christ, as its taken me months of looking to get what I needed. The chat software had to take into account members lack of software knowledge, which to me is simply about providing something as easy to use as possible, fast and effective. I am looking forward to launching that one.

I have started on the tutorials already, just have to smooth them up though and make them a little more professional, then I will begin releaseing them over the next month.

The live radio is nothing to implement... a few hour job and done.

But first, I am going away this weekend, then moving beginning monday (Sunday for America), going trail bike riding later next week, but flying up north this weekend to surprise my older brother for his 40th birthday.

Things are coming together.

Have a great time going to your brother's and also going trail riding. The riding should be a great stress-reliever.

Your ideas and the direction in which you want to move your company is very exciting! Just being able to be in a chat room, talking to people in "real time" will be so much fun!! Although, I don't know about a video chat room...LOL.

Now, after all that is done, one question remains: When and where are we all going to get together for one great big PTSD party?? Now, THAT would be a blast!
Thanks Kim. Yep... the PTSD World party is in the back off my mind, it will just be a matter of organising it later on. I think the US will probably be the best for a centralized get together, as most of the forum reside in that part of the world. Its just a matter of when and where then!!!

Yer, the most significant part of the online chat is definately the real time basis, the video chat I am still unsure whether I will turn it on or not, as the package comes with:

Chat, Video Chat, Instant Message and Video Personal Chat. I will most likely only release the chat and video personal chat, where two people can video chat easily with one another for mutual support and just getting to know people by face, instead of just name.
Anthony said:
video personal chat, where two people can video chat easily with one another for mutual support and just getting to know people by face

oh perfect... now I can look like shit all over the world without leaving my home!!! :P
just kidding,
it's a good idea though! :)
Can't wait to see all the new features!!!
It'll be great to chat in real-time!!
Don't work yourself too hard Anthony
:rofl: ROFL YA!:rofl:

Not sure I want anyone seeing me either...I prefer to be known by my words and not by my looks...
egads! it might be traumatic for someone to see me. it's bad enough that i don't make good sense when i write.
LOL... lets just call it an ultimate exercise in character and self esteem building to help with symptoms of PTSD... :)
Move was a success thus far to its own dedicated server.... now the integration of the new online video, text, IM and personal chat server.

The forum should have no downtime pretty much from here on unless a force of nature takes out the server and redundancy. The server will now handle the load of this forum from here on out, no more issues.

Thanks everyone for your patience.
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