Gabapentin anyone?


I’m prescribed gabapentin 800 mg tablets 3 Times daily. I took two in the morning and six more three hours ago. I take as much when I am going to something that’s difficult and I am currently at a family meal with a lot, a lot and I mean a lot of people.

Gabapentin helps me a lot. Overall I think it’s a great medicine. Like, it pushed me in a good mood, helps my anxiety etc.

But it also makes me very jumpy! And very talkative and I think that I talk a lot and a little faster than normal. Anyone knew

Anyone else want the to share your experiences with it? I’m curious if anyone has had the same reaction as me…


It makes you jumpy? It actually calms me down so much. Right now I take 900mg at bedtime, sometimes I go as high as 1500 mg. My doctor has approved this.

6400 mg a day sounds kind of high though.


Hello, am I reading your post wrong, or are you taking a lot more Gabapentin than what is prescribed? Taking six 800mg caps at once is a lot. Please talk to your doctor if you need to take more than what they prescribed.

I've been on Gabapentin for a few years now, and I have not had anything other than relaxing benefits from it.