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My story starts with my Father and my poor-student status (I was terminally bored) and his 'homework management' of me when drinking or drunk. He'd cuff me on the head and call me a "little c*nt" and other things when I couldn't or wouldn't do homework expected of me, and sometimes he'd get pissed off enough that he'd do the homework questions himself (which I would have to explain to the teacher. My parents sent me to a boarding school where I didn't do any better, and there their reaction to my work habits and sometimes cocky mouthing off to the teacher would get me caned (I swear that some teachers lived for that experience).

Since I wasn't doing well at school, I joined the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) at seventeen and within months was on their bad side as well. This time it wasn't due to poor performance (I was at or near the top on any course I went on), but I 'refused' to go through the extra training (after Basic Training) to be a member of the Queen's Honour Guard for her 1965 visit to Canada. That started a Navy career fraught with covert Navy harassment and while I otherwise quite liked the Navy, I felt forced to leave after eight years. And because harassment was mainly covert, I started doing dicey things to have it brought all out into the open - I didn't mind the thought of getting charged for my actions or to defend them in court (I hoped my Father's law firm would defend me), but I didn't know how far the RCN would take their actions against me. I won't go into details now because it's all well documented in my CPaL document (attached).

To my surprise, the RCN didn't stop harassing me once I left the Navy, and I'm fairly certain that they notified the police, as I'm pretty certain some activity involved them.
Welcome to the forum and for serving your country❤️‍🩹 This is a great place to find information and compassion...hope to see you around...take your time🙂
Hi Friday and AngelKeeperJ: Thanks for your welcome :-). I put in a short message after my first - it asked whether I could add some .pdf files and a PowerPoint show dealing with my experiences - and I'd still appreciate an answer to that, please. I'd also like to know what happened to my post.
I put in a short message after my first - it asked whether I could add some .pdf files and a PowerPoint show dealing with my experiences - and I'd still appreciate an answer to that, please. I'd also like to know what happened to my post.
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As soon as someone hints to issues with their father I either head for the nearest exit or lean in with interest. It's a wild pendulum ride. Welcome!
Hi All! I'm new here and I'm attaching two documents which tell most of my rather long story. It would be good if you haven't read my introduction here to read that first. For the main attached document, CPaL24.pdf (I usually just refer to it as CPaL), a few notes might be worthwhile, so I'll try here.
  • At 64 pages, I know it's long, but it covers a period of some 65 years, and for Aprilshowers, Dad was not all that involved and I invite you to 'lean in'. In fact, he's hardly mentioned as it was a recent 'discovery' while reading a new C-PTSD book that his actions likely lead to my situation where the military started things in earnest with C-PTSD. Dad would drink a lot and when Mom wasn't home, he'd 'manage my homework' and call me a 'little c*nt' and cuff me on the head to get me moving - I was "a classic underachiever" in elementary school, which frustrated Dad no end. I've updated my PowerPoint to include Dad's actions, but not CPaL.
  • Because the Navy was the main start of my problems, if CPaL looks onerously long, I suggest that read that period of my life, which goes to Section 3.10 on P 10, and also Section 8.4 on P 48-49 (especially the last of the three subsections - Officer Relations). Also involved, in Section 3.8 on P 9, is an instruction to read the other attachment, SubTale14.pdf, an incident onboard my submarine that was an obvious setup for me (the first half of SubTale describes the setup and the second half represents what I think my Skipper had planned for charging me with (falling asleep at the helm and taking the sub below its Test Depth). Please note G.H’s involvement there, who ~18 years later would claim that indeed, I did fall asleep and took the boat down below test depth. It was a lie, the same as other lies about me in CPaL.
  • If that reading is of interest, then I suggest you'll find the rest of my incidents of interest, which takes you to P 32, and if you make it that far, Section 4 is recommended, noting especially the parts about KCW, DP, JB and an anonymous Shell person.
  • If you're still reading, Section 5 is about how I tried to stop my adversaries by doing things that were clearly illegal, because I didn't want the rest of my life looking over my shoulder for any covert setups, but rather I wanted to get this in court, where I could present my 'side' of events, and hopefully be represented by my Dad's law firm. You can probably skip over Sections 6 and 7, but read them if you want.
  • Section 8 - About Me, can probably be scanned quickly and if the first sentences in a paragraph don't interest you, skip over it. Your call.
  • Section 9 is about C-PTSD/PTSD and is based on a book by Dr. Ann Brown - her text is black and mine is greyed-out. Read Section 10 if you want and the last 2 pages before the index is designed to give you an idea of how this all has affected me. I tried to keep this compact, but I could have gone on for pages.
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Sufferer. Attached please find 2 attachments documenting planned attacks on me and thus my family, likely from Military and Civilian Police and many others coerced to participate in campaign against me. Sorry for the attachments' length but it covers over five decades of my life. This is highly unusual, I gather, but many events from a committed group seems the same as many events from one adversary or bully. I'm dealing with the same thing - many events. My CPaL paper documents most events while SubTale details the event in CPaL Section 3.8 (wait 'til you're finished 3.8 to read SubTale, as instructed in CPaL).
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Thank you for reaching out to us here at I'm truly sorry to hear about the challenging situation you've been facing. My heart goes out to you and your family.

While I'm not able to view or analyze any attachments, I want to emphasize the importance of seeking support from a professional who can help you navigate through these difficult experiences and provide the assistance you need. They can help you explore any potential trauma-related issues and guide you towards healing.

In addition to professional help, I encourage you to join our peer-to-peer community here at It can be incredibly beneficial to connect with others who understand what you're going through. They may have experienced similar situations or struggles and can offer support, empathy, and advice. Sharing your experiences and connecting with others who have faced similar challenges can be a healing and empowering process.

On, you will find specific forums dedicated to various topics related to PTSD and CPTSD. These include forums for sharing personal experiences, learning about different treatment options, discussing self-help strategies, and more. I invite you to explore these forums as they can provide valuable insights and perspectives from individuals who have firsthand experience with trauma.

Remember, it's essential to prioritize your well-being and seek professional help if needed. Together, with the support of professionals and understanding peers, you can work towards healing and reclaiming your life.

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