Getting A Service Dog.


I have finally received formal notification that I am approved for a SD. Yay! My dog is currently being trained in the special doggy academy and has yet to pass his examinations and be registered. So... it might be several months before we are introduced. I am not told anything until he/she passes.

I have been through several rounds of interviews, medicals, reports, bureaucracy with lots and lots of questions. Home inspections and more! The process is very thorough and I understand why and now.. I am finally through. Cannot believe it really. Just thought I would tell you all. :)


That is fabulous news!!!!! I'm so excited for you!! SD has been a game changer for me -- I can't wait to you get to have one of your own.

Happy dance!
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it's kind of like having a toddler

^^Yeah..I know I am going to have to be a LOT more organised and get back into that frame of mind. But I think the responsibility will be good for me. It will be very different that is for sure. The dog will be just over 2 years old and trained. The trainers come to me to teach me how to behave lol... that's going to be a big challenge (for them) and me. :hilarious: But the dog will be registered so he/she (they did enquire which gender I preferred) - so the dog can go anywhere except sterile and quarantine areas - so yeah... oh oh oh!!! I have trouble sitting still to type this... :)

Got any advice for a broke person?

I don't have any advice @littleoc I'm not flush with money either. I guess apply and keep going through the process and patience and well... I don't know. I had to jump through a LOT of hoops to get this far and I understand why. The dogs are highly trained and registered with the government. So yeah there is a lot of work and training done with the dog and then of course they have to train me....

Part of me will not believe it until we meet and we bond. I've got a lot to do to get ready! I'm in a colossal mess really. I thought it would never happen. I am responsible for all dog expenses of course and they regularly check in to support me and the dog and make sure we are going ok. I like that idea too.

Oh... I am soo excited. I haven't let myself get so excited for so long. I haven't let myself hope that it might happen in case it didn't. And now that I have read and re-read the letter a dozen times it is slowly sinking in.

My doctor kept saying to me she was expecting me to turn up with my dog! I was miserable with apprehension. I have emailed her to tell her bc I don't need to visit her atm.

But now I need to calm down and do something today...

I'm truly very happy for you

Thank you so much @TreeHugger - that means a lot to me! :hug: I know you have dogs and they are much loved so you know a lot this. :)