Getting More Depressed


I've been depressed, more so recently. I've been neglecting my responsibilities, sleeping too much, not talking to my friends, and the hobbies I once had seem to just stress me out instead of bringing me joy like they once did. Most of these symptoms are more recent developments. Does anyone have any tips to help with any of these things? I just recently started meditating but so far I haven't noticed much difference, but I'm going to try to give it some more time. I seem suddenly much worse for no good reason. I just feel more hopeless I guess. I feel like things will never get better.


I have been very depressed too. Two things that are helping me is getting just a little body movement. Not exercise perse, but just moving my body. Finding a song or music I like and just dancing. Just for a few minutes. I hate to exercise, so this gets my blood flowing a little.

And my hobbies. Maybe you can find a hobby that you never thought you could do and learn how to do it. It challenges the mind to move out of that dark space. Even if it's hard to concentrate at first. The internet is full of great ideas that you don't have to buy supplies. Sometimes you have all you need on hand. Google 'Zentangle'. It is drawing. But you do not have to have any talent at all to do this one. I know you have paper and pen laying around. It is very relaxing and helps get your mind settled.

When I am this depressed, the more simple the better. I understand how you are feeling. Hope your mood lifts soon.


I feel like things will never get better.

Six years ago I went on Lithium because my depression was really bad and not improving. I am currently in the process of weaning off of that Lithium and now that I am at a dose that I am sure is not keeping depression at bay (300 mg daily) and have been at a subtherapeutic dose for several months, I feel I have learned a lot about my own depression.

First of all, as counter to everything in my mind and body as it was in the beginning, I MUST exercise regularly. I do not mean take a slow and dumpy stroll around the block a couple of times a month - like I tried in the beginning and then swore that exercise was not my problem. Cardio is my anti-drug. I bike or dance, typically at least 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week but usually more. This is the most important thing in combatting my depression.

Secondly, I have to set goals. I must be working on something and making obvious progress or else I get down in the dumps.

Third, I have chronic pain that increases my depression and keeping that pain down keeps my depression from getting out of hand. Often this means PT exercises, heating pads, baths, etc.

Fourth, healthy food is important. I try to follow Dr. Daniel Amen's dietary guidelines but I fail pretty regularly as they are very strict. Still, the basis is there and it helps.

Best of luck to you.


I feel very similarly, 8888. My depression has gotten very intense lately as well. You are not alone in feeling like shit during these times, for what that's worth.
I've been procrastinating/avoiding meditation for some reason, so it's funny and also nice to see you mention that you have been meditating to help center yourself, even if you haven't noticed a difference lately, I think that's a great practice to have. The fact that, even though your depression has been effecting your life, you are able to maintain a practice of meditation in order to do something good for your well-being is really good and worth acknowledging.
In terms of advice for dealing with the other symptoms, I have been focusing on trying to do the bare minimum of what I need to do because lots of things are too much. And distraction helps a lot.


Are you feeling any better @8888? Sometimes just letting others know how you are feeling and find out you aren't alone helps in some small way. Thinking of you and remind yourself it took a lot of courage to step out and let others know how you feel. That is something to be very proud of.