Gift for t’s office. is this weird?

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How did she say it?

She said, "I am sorry but I can't accept your gift, it is too personal." and when I thought about it, I understood her point, but it still stung my feelings. I think she was very cool about planting the pine on her property to remember me by, she was a great therapist and I miss her. So it turned out ok, but was one of my most embarrassing moments.


So I gave my psychiatrist who did therapy (and saved my life) a gift for her baby.
She enthusiastically opened it, muttering that she cannot accept gifts, but that the (unborn) baby can accept gifts!

So, this isn't exactly a direct gift. You are bringing tea for the office. The quotes remind you of him as a therapist.
I think its fine.
Go for it! It seems pretty neutral.


That sounds like a sweet and thoughtful gift. My therapist doesn’t accept any gifts of any kind. I wanted to just add her to the pile of teacher/helper/service provider gifts that my kids and I make for the winter holidays and she said no. If she allowed gifts for the shared office, I would certainly get them better hand soap and hand lotion for the bathroom. They smell ghastly and always set me off. I spend the first minute or two of my appointments trying to get rid of the smell with my own products. I probably give the poor woman a headache!

Emotional girl

I think that it is a lovely idea and very thoughtful and if other people are having the tea as well then I don't see the problem.
At Christmas time I made some cakes for my psychologist and the office where he works and he was pleased and told me it was really thoughtful .
I do think that giving cards/presents is another one of those blurred lines in therapy because some will not accept any at all but others are more open to the idea .
I gave a pscydoc a small glass sculpture of a dolphin with her baby dolphin after he took on my child & I for year's of treatment for virtually no fees.

We were leaving & he had taken such good care of us both... unbelievable human spirit!

There was no way I could ever have paid him enough for how he helped us.

He accepted it with such grace. I was so relieved. I wanted him to remember he helped out a mother & child. He understood.

Over two decades on, I located him to ask him if I could tell him about my child. He agreed, so we met & I filled him in on how my child had grown up & how the trauma had not stalked my child into adulthood. Due entirely to his unending patience, treatment & understanding of children & trauma which he had given.

Me..well I was still a work in progress but he understood why.

He told me he had often looked at the dolphins & wondered how we were. He still had it & told me it would always stay with him.

I just wanted him to know that all the hard work he had put in, especially for my child had been worth it.

He was very grateful & humble that he had helped so much.

It's not often one find's anything good to come from such chaos & trauma but he was one of those people I will be forever in debt & grateful.

So I think there are moments in time when a small gift given can say more than words.


They know this is going to come up and probably have set ways of dealing with it. I think my therapist handles it on a case by case basis. No it's not weird because on one level it is like your doctor's office or anyone else you use and pay monthly. We were going to give the office a Christmas card and gift but everyone got the flu and it went by, we will get them next year. It's just an exchange of a pleasantry. My wife taught me about little gifts and hand written cards, people appreciate it so much. Granted your relationship with the therapist is much deeper but it still applies I think especially regarding the office. The therapist will (I assume) be able to let you know if it's OK and you should have your mind made up to abide by that either way. If it keeps bothering you, you can ask.
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