Gift from therapist


I went to therapy and had a warm psychologist. She would address me “sweetheart” all the time. She once gave me a gift, a small stone with fragmented pattern on it. It was put into a small bag. She told me to hold it when I feel bad, it is like holding all of my fragments into one. It is a powerful symbol. However, I have DID, so my gift has gone missing, assuming that one of my alters have trashed it. I still miss the gift. I held it when I slept.


sounds like what i call, "a grounding talisman." that is a small doodad which i hold, rub, etc. to ground myself during a psychotic episode. i can use virtually anything for a grounding talisman. a rock i pick up from the ground. a junky figurine i steal off of someone's desk. whatever. the only requirement for me is that it be small enough to fit in my pocket.

i am forever losing my grounding talismans and that kinda hurts for the talisman's that are special to me, but they are eminently replaceable. hope you are able to replace yours. grounding talismans work when i work them.


I tend to consider lost gifts as “an introduction to something I love to keep in my life”.

As I’ve lost everything I’ve ever owned on multiple occasions? It’s become one of my favorite activities; bringing the things I love back INTO my life. It’s 3 birds, 1 stone… when it was a gift from someone else… as I also get to revisit my memories of that person, in addition to replacing beloved tokens, and having the thing itself.

Replacing wafflemakers and pillows and music collections may annoy the everloving hell out of me. But replacing useful gifts is a joy.