Girlfriend doesn't understand and doesn't want to

My girlfriend over time has said some really ableist things to me. And I feel like when I try to explain to her or tell her that I can't do certain things she doesn't care or ignores me.

She doesn't want to learn about our system or learn my preferred name. I just... I don't know. I think she still views me as the same girl she dated in freshman year and that's not me anymore. I came out as trans two years ago. I got diagnosed as a system a year ago. I just... We've been dating for about two months but we've been friends since we were young. I just... agh. Is it worth it to try and change the image of me in her mind?


I agree with @grief, calling you by your name is pretty basic stuff in terms of respecting another person.
I changed my name and I get that people might have a slip up now and then. But to not try and call me by my name? Hurtful.
And you mention that you have been dating for two months, but have a long history of friendship. Some people can be great friends, but lousy partners
You also say she ignores other aspects of your identity.
There are a few red flags here.
Have you been able to explain to her how all this makes you feel? Of you do and she ignores it: you might want to think what you want from a relationship and if this is it?