Goal for the day ~ Just one thing


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Part of behavioural activation ~ helping you to get unstuck and doing something, even one tiny little thing counts. Idea being that on the worst of days, everything can feel too overwhelming, so much so you really feel stuck.

Even on the very worst of days something tiny can feel doable - wash a fork. You can get up and wash a fork. And once you have done something, then you've done the hardest thing - getting your self unstuck.

Also seems like once you've washed a fork you can do more too.

Obviously not every day is that dire but hey

So, what's one thing you want to do today?
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I'm trying to put my summer clothes away and bring out my winter stuff. Our house is in shambles right now so once I get that done and organize my bedroom I can move on to the other stuff. I have been putting it off because we have been enjoying the weather while we still can. Time to get organized again.

J's goal for today apparently is to watch all the Star Wars movies between cat naps. He hasn't even eaten anything yet. It's 3p.m.

Starting tomorrow I'm going to get back to my cleaning one room a day thing. It seems to work for me. And once all the rooms are clean and organized then it's that much easier for me every day.


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Cool @LuckiLee Some tasks like that really set you up for being on top of everything don't they. And agree having a simple thing like a room a day really helps.

Hope he feels better soon, I'm just coming out of an awful week which looked like TV & naps too.

I've folded and put away the last lot of laundry and put on some more to wash. Pleased 🙂

Cool @JGirl 🙂


I painted the house trim outside but the housework inside fell off. I tried to only work a couple hours a day. This involved a ladder and going up about 20 feet. I was a little scared more than once. But I noticed I started getting used to it. Now I’m going to wash the sides which collect dirt under on the siding under the eaves. I already washed the green mold off the back or northern side with my craftsman brush from Home Depot and the garden hose . It’s bothering me though that I can’t clean inside too. Mostly because I’m rushing if it’s nice out . It’s going to be too cold soon.


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Hope you can get it done soon @Mach123 sounds a big job, understandable wanting nicer weather to do it in.

I got stuff taken to the dump including stuff from the garden and a supermarket shop too. Pleased. The charity shop drop will happen another day.


I'm done with my little bit. I dusted another chicken who had mites. Then I was able to replace some fence posts, gather up the pallets lying around and take the bad bedding way out into the field. Now I'm waiting for some chicken to cook for lunch. My son is cooking it. Yum!

This is an awesome thread. I told myself today to do just one thing, and it worked. After I was done I saw your thread! Yay!