Going Back to Work - Crisis Team

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Hey Guys, I go back to work in the morning. Kinda scared kinda nervous. I have been off work for more than a year. A few things have changed at the police dept. since I've been off. Most of them just BS which is one of my bigger stressors. I know how I'll handle it, cool with that. They told me they needed me back at the precinct I'm assigned to as Crisis Intervention Team. This in addition to regular patrol stuff. CIT is dealing with persons in Psyc/Emotional crisis. Right up my alley I can always relate. Wish me luck guys. :moon: :crazy: :fight:
Best of Luck Terry! Keep all that you've learned thus far with coping strategies with you. And always, we're here if you need us.
Good Luck Terry!!

I just went back to work this week. As everyone can testify to, I was completely freaked out about job hunting and working at first. LOL. Now, I'm getting settled into my job and I'm enjoying it. I look forward to work every morning!

I hope it works out the same for you!

Thanks guys, It wasn't too bad today but I really didn't have anything to do. So much has changed in a year that it looks like one of the guys I trained may have to train me. One of my best partners is having a terrible time with his PTSD. Told him about this forum and I'll keep pushing till he gets more help.
So much has changed in a year that it looks like one of the guys I trained may have to train me.
I had this happen after I had come back (for a very short time..) to work after by PTSD diagnosis. She actually retrained me when I had just finished orientation with her right before I quit. It's quite weird, her talking me through and telling me to be calm.....like the tables were turned. She ended up being one of my allies at work however, since she understood the depth of my anxiety.
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