Going camping, feeling nervous


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My family is driving me nuts. They are so freaking lazy. We are supposed to be on the road in 30 minutes and we are only half loaded.

I have been planning this trip for months. I did all the shopping. I loaded my car. I've got like 6 different lists that I'm running through in my brain. There is shit to do and everyone is just lollygagging around.


my solution to this conundrum was to meet the family at the campsite. i love camping enough that i often go days ahead, just for the quiet time. i often volunteer to stay and clean up for the same reason i have yet to hear a complaint from the others about finding the libations set up and waiting for them. that is saying quite allot for the nuts in my lollygagging family tree. most of their lollygag time is dedicated to complaining. go ahead and have all that fun without me.


I finally went, it’s been years and I’m sad I’ve let everything keep me from it. I just got home and it was great! But like @arfie I met my family there. Best decision I could’ve made! Really for me it serves two purposes. I control when I arrive and I can leave if I get bugged too much.

I’m sorry you’ve done so much work and they’re being a pain! Give them a time limit and get in the car and go. If they can’t meet you there you might really enjoy a vacation without them. 😊


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It has been a trip. That's for sure. My husband's car didn't make it over the mountain. Had to have it towed 20 miles and the mechanic said it's dead, never to drive again. My daughter got sunburned the next day. She cried all night. This morning we drove 40 miles to Walgreens for burn relief spay. It has to get better, right?

I am thankful there is a signal out here in the woods. I am thankful no one has been seriously injured.


Best laid plans.

These things happen.

Like you, if I didn’t do 99% of the work? It either wouldn’t happen, full stop, or would be some kind of f*cked up nightmare like camping in a reservoir flood zone, or area that had been closed due to bear attacks, or swimming in posted “no swim, riptide” zones. >.<

What helped me was focusing on the theme. We’re having fun! Which means if people aren’t ready? Pfft. They aren’t ready. We can leave tomorrow. Or do a cool twilight thing tonight. << That’s all about my attitude & rolling with it.