Good Riddance Day


Love this!!

Going waaaay out of my way to support a relationship (as requested by CPS/the courts) between a minor relative and absent bio-parent (who I 100% gave the benefit of the doubt and worked very hard to support through this process)…for the bio-parent to be a complete jerk and peace out…blaming the minor to their face and being very unkind….to find out the bio-parent made a statement to the court saying that I’ve jeopardized the relationship between them. I could scream and pull all my hair out.

Burning this one for 2022!!


I'm going to leave our money problems behind. Now that J and I are making decent money we don't have to worry about bills like we used to. I have worried my entire adult life about money. I am done with that!!

For the first time in my life I am able to buy what I want not just what I need.