Got Into Grad School

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I got into Grad School, I honestly thought that I wouldn't but I got the letter the other day that I was accepted into the MSW (master's of social work) and MBA (masters of business Admin.) programs. I have one pre-req that I have to take before Fall classes start, that is statistics...not looking forward to that. I am excited and scared as well but it is a win for me in the end.:wink:
Congratulations, Monarch! I am so proud of you for achieving this! It will be hard work, but you will love it, I am sure. Are you planning on being a social worker when you finish, or doing something in public policy?
Well done you.

As I say to the kids never stop learning, any courses that you are offered take them. It's another string to the bow.
eventually I want to start a non-profit focused on whole self healing from rape and sexual trauma from the time it happens until the person feels they can mentor others and stand on their own.....I am neglecting to say "healed" because I don't think anyone can truly be "healed" there are just degrees as to which someone can heal themselves. Anyway, we have tons of drug and alcohol treatment centers in the U.S people come from all over the World to MN for treatment at these facilities. Just as many people suffer from mental health issues related to rape, sexual assault, forced prostitution, it just isn't as pretty as "drug treatment" so I want to start something here in MN.
What an awesome goal. Imagine if people dealt with trauma as openly as so many deal with addiction? I like your dream, Monarch!
Congratulations! Don't stress over stats - just go slowly and remember there are a lot of resources in library and online for stats. I am seriously not mathematically-minded (I'm a concept and lateral thinker), and I managed to get throught stats at uni after not having been in a Maths classroom for 20 years. If I can do it, so can you! Keep us updated on your progress
You have been thru so much...continue to strive...have a compassionate goal...and you are supported in your path. Truly awesome. Good on ya, girl!
Woohoo! Congrats! Don't worry too much about stats - if you find you have trouble, there are tonnes of tutors out there who can help.
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