Childhood Graphic question but it's bothering me


I just need to find out if I'm unusual or weird or if my experiences were weird. I find that I sometimes test things out here before I discuss anywhere else and I hope that's ok.

I find a lot of childhood toys and things are a trigger or stressor for me because of the associations with them. For example some childhood games remind me of being lonely or punished or whatever bad thing happened afterwards. I feel sad for the loss of good feelings that other people have. Christmas is a good example of a time where this happens in a range of situations eg Christmas songs. Do others have that...

This is the different worse bit
I also have memories of some things that happened involving toys like small toy objects in the csa when I was a child. I want to say it wasn't that bad but I wondered if anyone else had experiences of children's toys being used their own toys in the abuse or run up to the abuse so not being used as toys for what they were intended. I hope this makes sense as hard to say.


in my own herstory, literally ANYTHING can be a trigger and i have no way of predicting them. i keep my trigger management tools handy at all times.


Yeah, so I feel like the most common triggers are sexual abuse, self-harm, and suicide, they get trigger warnings on tv, shows, and books. But my triggers? AA batteries lol. Sunflowers, bathtubs, diapers, children crying, adults yelling, it's totally normal to have weird triggers and associations when you're dealing with trauma. Very sorry you're dealing with this, it's awful </3