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Greetings Nearly There - Looking Forward Only

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by riverlady, Mar 31, 2007.

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  1. riverlady

    riverlady New Member

    Hi I wish I had found this forum years ago. It would have been a great help. I consider myself well at the moment, well a lot better. Diagnosed PTSD by my GP-Doctor then refered to Pyschiatrist. Went on an anxiety management course which helped a great deal. Have two dogs who helped me as well. We walk everyday by the River Thames. My Doc wont let me work so signed off as disabled which I dont regard myself as. PTSD is disabling tho. I go to Uni part time, Have an allotment and grow my own veg. Have learnt coping strategies. When very anxious lost weight was 6 stone at one stage. Remember the anger bits but more a sobbing tearful wreck than aggressive. Was a bit frightend to look at forum at first, been taught not to look back so no pyschotherapy or counselling just try to look forward. Very proud of myself getting into Uni and such nice people so feel very safe. Lucky to have a great doc I just go and see her if I have any problems. She last described it as a lake....somthing disturbs the water and the bodies rise to the surface.....wait till its calm and the waters will soon settle. Its a long journey but its worth it. On medication and have emergancy med to help throo bad days and stick to a healthy diet. My family were great and very supportive and they still worry if I get too stressed they know it can come back so warn me to take things easy so I do. cannot cope with too many stresses and still feel an overwhelming sense of caring for others not so fortunate so I focus on writing to help others. Its about all I can do. I do not have feelings of hate or revenge and always considered myself just unlucky. It was a shock tho after coming from such a nice family it never occurred me that others might not be so nice. My Doc considers me her success story and guess she is right. If it hadn't been for her I dont think I wouldve survived it all. So lets look forward. I feel relieved that others are out there coz Ive always been quite secret about it even if Im found balling my eyes out Ive always made excuses and tried to hide it. My social worker used to say its your strength that has kept me going so its a big relief to realise that there is a place where I dont have to pretend everythings alright.
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  3. willing

    willing Active Member

    Thames Riverlady,
    Welcome so much to the forum. I love this site. It is a revealation to me since I only found out about PTSD in Jan and then that others had feelings and emotions and events like me. Any time of day or night someone is here and it can be so helpful. I am excited for you. I too am trying to do everything I can like exercise, dring water and watch the eating. I don't know what a stone is but 6 of them must be a bunch so congratualtions. Stay as happy and healthy and we'll see you around. Walk those doggies.
  4. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    Hi riverlady, and your right, you don't have to pretend everythings alright anymore... now for your therapist saying to only look forward.... well, that is partly true, partly false, especially if anxiety is still affecting you sooooo much. You have to look back, do what must be done, in order to look forward with more success and longevity for the future.
  5. Marlene

    Marlene I'm a VIP Premium Member

    Welcome to the forum Riverlady.
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