Grounding While at Work


If I'm walking down the tiled hallway, I count the tiles, or count the lines in the floor. If I'm sitting at a desk, I'll count the marks on the wall, or on the floor. Counting helps distract me and ground me. Maybe I'm weird, but it helps

I also say stuff to myself in my head like, "you're safe, you're here" etc


If I'm sitting at a desk? Shoes off, and rub my feet against the carpet (unless it's grey carpet...!). When I know I'm sitting at the same desk for several hours? I bring a very chic bathmat with me, passes as a small mat, which I put under my feet so that I've got something lush to rub my feet against.

There's a grounding exercise you can do whenever you're seated: imagine sitting solidly in your chair, and your body is sending roots down through your feet into the carpet/floorboards/tiles, to ground you solidly in the here and now. Run through in your mind what those roots would travel through as they make their way deeper into the earth - underlay, pine board, cement, topsoil, bedrock, etc etc., imagining that the deeper they go, the more solidly in the present you become, anchoring yourself to the present through your feet, and the sensation of your feet on the floor under you.
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Move faster
Move deliberately
Add music
Interact with someone in passing
Switch languages
Focus on what hurts
Nicotine mints
Cold drink
I so wish I could do these two. But these other options are awesome, thank you.

count the lines in the floor
You know, I used to do this and stopped for some reason. I will make sure I get back to this.

Shoes off, and rub my feet against the carpet
This is brilliant, I already somewhat do it but never with any intention. But your exercise and bringing a mat sounds like something I could easily implement.

Thank you all for the suggestions!