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Group Chat Information Sun 12 Nov 06, 9.00am Victoria, Australia Time

Discussion in 'Administration' started by anthony, Nov 7, 2006.

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  1. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    This thread outlines basic information in regard to the upcoming chat this coming weekend. Please ensure you read and know this information for the event, so it runs as smoothly as possible at the allocated time.

    What Day & Time?

    Please ensure you use [DLMURL="http://www.worldtimeserver.com/convert_time_in_AU-VIC.aspx?y=2006&mo=11&d=12&h=9&mn=0"]this special world time link[/DLMURL] to find the actual day and time this event will be held for your specific location. This link was purpose designed to help everyone come together at the one time, you just need to find your relevant day and time vs. my time in Victoria, Australia. I have tried to get an appropriate time to suit most parts of the world, though I am not going to obviously get it right for all. For example:
    • UK Time Will Be: Sat 11 Nov 06, 10pm
    • Singapore Time Will Be: Sun 12 Nov 06, 6am
    • USA Ohio Time Will Be: Sat 11 Nov 06, 5pm
    Visit the link above, use the dropdown menu below the set time for the event, and it will give you your actual day and time in relation to my set time here in Australia.

    This is how all events will be based.

    Chat Access

    Please note, that as a member of the forum you DO NOT automatically have access to the online chat system. If you use the button at the top of the forum, and it gives you a message that you do not have access, you MUST private message (PM) myself NLT 1 hr prior to the event beginning. I will not process requests within the hour immediate the event, regardless of time zone differences. You have the time above, so you know when you must have your request to attend the event in by.

    For those who have access, then see you in their.


    Rules are simple:
    • Upon entering, you must ensure you deny the chat system access to your PC video and audio. You can turn it on once inside if you wish to video/audio chat with someone specifically, by simply right clicking on a flash component (send button for example), choose settings and make your appropriate choices from the flash settings.
    • You can swear, though please keep to a minimum and respect others values.
    • You can chat about pretty much anything you want.
    • You cannot advertise, market yourself, promote, spam, etc etc. You will be banned immediately from any chat there after.
    • You cannot verbally assault, intimidate, etc.
    Simple ha!


    This is an introduction to group chat for those who have not used the system. It is then just a general chat to meet people and say hi in real time, opposed to the forum delay.

    For this one event only, I will provide an online demonstration of the system for those that want it, showing you the video, audio, chat features, instant messageing and communicator video system. This will take approximately the first 15mins of chat in the group chat room.

    For those who are already familiar with the system, you should simply proceed into one of the other chat rooms or create your own smaller group chat room if needed.

    Chat Rooms

    I will establish two more rooms specifically for this event, being:
    • PTSD Chat - For those that want to talk specifically about PTSD from the perspective of a sufferer, and
    • Spouse Chat - For those that want to talk specifically about spousal issues in relation to PTSD
    • Group Chat is the default chat room already established. This is where I will provide the demo at the beginning for those that want to know how to use the system to its full capability before proceeding into another room.
    For those who are conversant with online chat systems, you can also create your own room for smaller group chats, as too many people in one chat room can become very confusing to read. I will leave this option open for members, as it will really depend upon event numbers.

    Remember though, if it is only two way chat, then you can achieve this through the IM system, which will be outlined during the demonstration presentation.
  2. Register to participate in live chat, PTSD discussion and more.
  3. firefighterchic

    firefighterchic New Member

    I tried to gain access to the chat room but it stated for members only and wouldn't allow me to access the chat room. I know you stated 1hr prior to the deal however I can't garentee that I will be able to be on earlier that day. I have specific time I can get on but not always earlier.
  4. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    No, I stated that I will not accept requests after 1 hour prior to the chat... meaning people need to get in early, just as you have. I will fix it up so you can chat.
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