Group Dynamics - Emotional States, etc.


Ever notice that when in a group, there's an expectation that you get into the same mood / state as others in the group? Whether it's getting drunk, stoned, angry, sad, there's a group dynamic. For example, if everyone else in the group is anxious, and you aren't, certain things can happen:
* You feel uncomfortable
* Others notice that you're not going along
* You feel pressured to join the group emotion, or drink with them
* You start to feel like your boundaries are at risk.

I'm not saying its always a bad thing, but it certainly can be for those of us with difficulties setting boundaries, or those of us that don't drink.

I think it even happens if the group is only two of you.



That how I end up leading shit I do not want to lead.

It’s not abnormal, per se. It’s always SOMEONE who steps up, or gets beaten down. Depending on whether the difference in needed, or a paints a target.