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Growing Up With Absolutely No Human Support

Discussion in 'General' started by lazzi-maya, Feb 26, 2007.

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  1. lazzi-maya

    lazzi-maya New Member

    That is my childhood and teenage time.
    Is there someone out there who has experienced the same thing?

    When people have told me about their traumatic grown-ups, they´ve also told me about a grandma who was a light in the darkness or maybe a neighbour. I wasn´t speaking to ANYONE about my miserable existens. Me and my sisters where so scared to death, we didn´t dare to communicate about the disqusting things that happend to us and what we where whitnesses to.
    Is there someone else on this forum recognizing her/himself?
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  3. permban0077

    permban0077 Policy Enforcement Banned

    There are a couple on the forum like that, but the important thing is to heal from that now and many here will try to help you and support. They are the light in the darkness until you see you can be strong and independent.
  4. Lisa

    Lisa Well-Known Member

    Hi lazzi-maya

    Unfortunately I do understand what growing up with no one to support you is like. I did eventually find support when I was 15 but up until that point, nobody who knew anything were supportive. in fact, the opposite.

    It is important to recognise that and connect with that in order to see how difficult it was. But the good news is it doesn't have to be that way anymore, so it can never be like it was then ever again. The light in the darkness is there now, shimmering away somewhere, and it's as important to keep looking in that direction as it is to recognise how the lack of support affected you back then.

    Use us for support, it's what we are here for.

  5. lrs

    lrs Well-Known Member

    Yeah, and it was just horrible. You are at a good place here though.
  6. slhlilbit

    slhlilbit Active Member

    No i had alot of support from people who knew me and loved me.
    but i do no that this is a great place to work this out. they really care here.
  7. kers

    kers I'm a VIP

    Ohh, yeah, sounds familiar to me. And now I'm having to speak about it, think about it, deal with it all. the. frigging. time.

    You're certainly not alone here, which is why this is such a great place.
  8. goingonhope

    goingonhope Member Premium Member

    Hi lazzie-maya, Yes. There are those of us with this same awful chronic experience. I hesitated, even put-off opening this thread after seeing the title because it speaks to clearly to me. :eek:

    :eek: Some of my Deep and Extreme emotions, Lonliness, Terror, Helplessness, Hopelessness, & Alienation, that I now own, cope & deal with and dream of rising above, resulting from absolutely No human support. And the realizations of my many resulting pers. chooses made sickens me and threatens to emot. cripple me.

    :eek: I use to frequently feel as if I'd slip away into what felt like a catatonic state, and wouldn't no if I'd ever return from it.

    I hate this sh't! Pokes at and raises so much suppressed grief and loss for me. :eek: Won't be saying much more tonight on this subject as it f'n still drives me quietly mad. ............:cool:

  9. goingonhope

    goingonhope Member Premium Member

    Bless You, lazzi-maya ! :hello: And Welcome to the forum!

    .....can only include 5 images, well here's the 6th one that I intended for you.

    Looking forward to hearing from and seeing you around the forum.
  10. becvan

    becvan Queen of the Blunt! Premium Member

    hmm support.. (works hard to think positive)... I've had two freinds.. one since grade five and one since grade nine that have always been there for me. Both lived out of town until a few months ago one moved back. Um..... my dad tries when it's convenient for him and my step-mom does the best she can.. she came into my life in... 1998. Ohh and one male freind that I have absoloutly struggled with as it took him a bit to get the whole not interested part but he got that now and has been good to me. He's recent in my life though.

    umm yeah that's it.. I wouldn't really trust someone acting super supportive actually as that means an agenda somewhere down the line. I do things by myself, for myself and matt and that's what I count on.. the rest of the world can go f'k itself as far as i'm concerned...

    Okayyyy.. lost that whole positive thing there.. sorry not in a good place and trying but not succeding very well...

  11. sheree71

    sheree71 Member

    Hey Lazzi-maya, I fully understand. I didn't recover my memories until my twenties. My family gave up on me and I gave up on everyone when I hit puberty. I knew I was different. I just didn't know why. I was sick of hearing "why can't you be just like everyone else?", or "why do you act like that?". You have a HUGE support group on this site. And you are definately not alone. I have gone through life, up until 99, on my own. All my family are still living, I was just too much work. I'm here for you lazzi.
  12. wadoo

    wadoo Active Member

    Hi Lazzi-Maya,

    Yes I'm the same, I had no support through my growing up years not until I had a severe nervous break down at 26 yrs old when I remembered and then diagnosed with PTSD (I'm 38 now). But then again, I was very disconnected all my life so maybe there was help but I just didn't acknowledge it.

    I love this place, I feel like I'm emplying my head of so much tension and heartache.
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