Grown adult scared of electricity

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I didn’t have this problem 4 years ago. But I realized this was a problem when I was unplugging my drier from the wall. It’s powered by one of those dedicated high amp plugs so about 240V/shittonofamps. I was literally shaking to unplug it. So scared of getting shocked that I grabbed a dry towel nearby, double checked that it was dry, then yanked out the plug. And of course it dropped on the metal drier and that made me jump.

A few years ago I worked in a really unsafe job site and unfortunately I got shocked quite a few times for the simple fact that there was water. Fking everywhere. And I had to operate handheld power tools and electric animal stunners.

Would this be considered a phobia if it’s based on a fairly rationalized fear? Either way this is getting way out of hand.

shatter eyes

I know which plug you are talking about. The thick cable and big hockey puck size plug.

Perhaps it may be anxiety of the unknown mixed with fear?
For me learning about 220V/240V helped me feel more comfortable handling the electrical stuff. Would rubber gloves and shoes help?

If it scares you or you avoid it could be a phobia. I am not a doctor though....


@Notamorningperson I don't know which area it falls in either.:unsure:

I did get well and truly shocked about 3 years ago from a power point that should not have been 'live'. Wasn't even plugging or unplugging. It blew up my watch as the 240 V arced and burned up my arm to my brain...and threw me 3 metres backwards. A touch of concussion, kidney and heart related tests later I had to go back and face the dam place again.:eek:

I trembled for a long time when I had to go near any power points. Truly I did.

The sparky who checked the place out discovered 'somebody' had removed a grounding wire? Anyway he fixed and tested the entire property bc I felt sick just walking onto the place. Oh and I know who the 'somebody' was too. Just another horrible history lol :banghead:

I have a very healthy respect for electricity now and am a touch (something) about power points. But I live with that and I am ok. I did speak to a qualified electrician who has had his fair share of big shocks and knew the terrible 'after pain' that occurs.

He knew exactly what I was speaking about and just being able to share that experience and have someone understand that one single incident I had was quite a relief and that conversation got me through it really. But I cannot forget it.

Your experience seems far more entrenched bc you got repeated shocks in a work place where you had to knowingly go back in and highly likely expect to be re-shocked and could not avoid it.:speechless: I don't know how big the shocks were but you are a very brave person. I wouldn't of been able to do it. No way!

rubber gloves and shoes help?
^^this is a good idea!

And maybe you could speak to someone like I did bc it is such a unique experience. Idk :hug:
@Notamorningperson I don't know which area it falls in either.:unsure:

I did g...
I worked in an abattoir. The saws we used gave just a little buzz, sometimes what feels like a sharp sting. But nothing compares to the stunner 200-400 volts of AC that can fry a boar’s brain. Button was faulty and got shocked with that a few times. Then once a boar freaked out and trampled me. I ended up with that stunner only an inch away from my face.

Yeah I definitely have my reasons. I’m f*ckin cringing just thinking about that God forsaken job.


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I have heard it said many times that some ppl can taste the stress an animal experiences before it is slaughtered. I think they are right.

I'm very pleased you don't have to do that job anymore. Those work conditions were terrible and I love animals too so it would not have been any good for them either. (I'm not being a sook about it) I think animals that are bred for their meat should be respected.
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