Guided meditation - gonna give it a try

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I've read that meditation is good for relaxing and keeping the stress down. One small part of my yoga class involves meditation-and I really enjoy it.

But when I try to meditate on my own, it's like the fates conspire against me or something. First off-some days I have the attention span of a fruit fly and what starts off as meditation ends up with me wondering what bills need to be paid or starting a grocery list in my head. :doh: Or the phone rings or the girls knock on the bedroom door and need my help and 'woop' there goes any concentration I had going. It's frustrating as hell, let me tell you.

Yesterday my yoga instructor told me about a weekly meditation class that's on Tuesday nights and not too far from my house. He told me he's gone and it's guided meditation (instructor talks and you sit/lay down and listen) and he enjoys it. Maybe this is what I've been looking for.

I'm going to call the center tomorrow to confirm everything and go there Tuesday for a look see.

Wish me luck!
Hi Marlene, again, are you following me or something, LOL.
My wife's friend believes in Karma, and Buddist therapy, she has 4 laughing buddahs in her room so that the spirit of happiness spreads throughout the room.
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